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So, between a friend and my boyfriend, I’ve had a pretty good ‘duh’ moment.

I mentioned before that because of the way my insurance is handling things, I’ve had to go on a pain medication patch twice as strong as what I was on before. Now, these patches look a little bit like the clear plastic nicotine patches for someone trying to quit smoking.

So my friend today asked, why don’t I cut a quarter of it off, so that I’m only going up in dose by half as much?

Wow, thought I. This is an incredibly simple fix.

When I mentioned this to my boyfriend, he asked why I couldn’t just cut the patch in half and apply half of one every 2 days – effectively doing the same as what my doctors and I had originally wanted to do.

Oh. Well. DUH. Why on earth not?! We’ll have to test it out and see how it works, but as long as the glue doesn’t develop a problem if it’s opened but not applied until 2 days later, this is a perfect solution. I get the level of the drug I actually need, so that the pain is minimized but I’m not dopey, and I get to change the patch often enough that it doesn’t wear off before my next patch change.

So, the insurance may not be helpful, but a little bit of ingenuity and I’ll be getting what we wanted all along. Yay for ingenuity!


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