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I’m training Hudson to do my dirty work.

When the boyfriend teases me, I used to poke him or tickle him.  I’ve had increasing problems with my hands for longer than we’ve known each other, though, so there are often times when I can’t do that.  Particularly recently, with the maybe-it’s-auto-immune thing I’ve been dealing with.

So my solution is to find something Hudson can do.  I’ve invented the command ‘toes’, at which Hudson is supposed to nose or lick the boyfriend’s toes.

The boyfriend is amusingly tolerant of the whole affair.


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The boyfriend, who is an exceptionally wonderful guy, just finished his PhD and graduated yesterday.

I am so very, very proud of him.

He is a brilliant man, but he’d never admit it. It’s good to see someone else acknowledge just how smart he is! Maybe someday I’ll convince him to believe it.

We hope, someday, that he can teach collegiate level math, but for right now the market stinks and getting a job that matches his skills and degrees is hard. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

(on a somewhat different note – his college did a decent job of arranging for disability-friendly viewing of both his hooding ceremony and his graduation. They had both space for wheelchairs and rows that were only up or down a couple of steps for those of us who walk but not well. They also had designated people to help us get seats in said disability-friendly areas, which was a nice touch! We service dog users were treated with respect. Even the hotel we stayed in gave us no trouble. And late at night, when we went to get ice cream but the dog wasn’t in his harness, the ice cream shop didn’t hassle us either, once I said he was my service dog. It was a nice thing to be treated as we should be all weekend – like people, not an inconvenience.)

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