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Thank you!

Hudson and I say thank you! I don’t know who it was, but some lovely person sent Hudson a new puzzle toy and replaced one of his favorite toys (which he had destroyed). Hudson will be very happy when we get home and he gets to play with them. Sadly, there really isn’t space for it where we are right now. We’re visiting fiance’s family for the holidays, and it’s a very full house. We’re sleeping in his mother’s craft room because his grandfather is (rather unexpectedly) staying in their guest room due to health problems.

I’m sure Hudson will be thrilled. This puzzle toy is a good mid-way point between the ones I got him. One is too easy for him, and the other is hard enough to frustrate him, even on its easier setting. I expect this will hit the sweet spot – difficult enough to keep him busy for a while, but easy enough that he’ll enjoy it more (and hopefully do less bashing it with his paws!).

I hope that you are all having an excellent holiday season, filled with warmth and love.


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