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Boy am I ever glad I had done some reading about Lyme treatment before I started it.

Doctors rarely think to warn their patients about likely side-effects of treatment. In the case of Lyme, I’m not talking about the direct side-effects of the antibiotics, though to be perfectly honest those are pretty nasty too. Instead, I’m addressing what happens to a body when you treat a major infection. You see, if you have a lot of just about anything growing in your body and start killing it, you get some fallout. That is true whether you are talking about bacteria, viruses, yeast, or bigger parasitic organisms like worms.

In my case, it has meant an enormous increase in fatigue. It is also affecting my ability to think and communicate clearly. My memory is an absolute crapshoot, with more trouble remembering comparatively recent events (in the last year) and not as much affect on older memories. The Lyme was doing all of those things to me before the antibiotics; the antibiotics just made things worse. Ugh.

On the other hand, there were some swift gains. The swelling in my hands went away very quickly, and my pain levels dropped substantially. Fortunately, the fatigue and brain side effects seem to be fading, so I am getting closer to my normal. This is definitely a good thing.

Now if only antibiotics didn’t tend to result in yeast infections for me. This long course of antibiotics has caused excruciating yeast infections. I didn’t know they COULD hurt like that; I had always kind of assumed that people who complained about pain during yeast infections just had low pain tolerance. I really should know better, being someone who lives with chronic pain. Ah well. At least I can just take a pill and it improves things enough to make the pain stop for a couple of weeks.

Anyhow, all of that is why I’ve been so very quiet lately. I’m having trouble making it to my classes (which meet for a total of about 8 hours a week), so things like blogging have been a little extraneous. Not to mention, it takes more brainpower for me to blog than it does for me to do more frivolous stuff like muck about on forums. I don’t know how ‘back’ I am yet, but I am trying!


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