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One of the funny things about working with Hudson is that he has weird obsessions. Some of them are transient, and some seem to be here to stay.

When I first got Hudson, he wanted to watch me pee. He wanted to so badly that he would nudge my underwear out of the way so he could see.

He also, at that point, felt the need to check the toilet every single time before it was flushed. Sometimes he’d watch things swirling around as it flushed.

Fortunately, the obsession with me peeing faded after about 2 months, and his toilet-checks have been reduced to an occasional thing rather than a constant.

However, he has had one obsession that has stayed relatively constant – inspecting my pants and socks. Before I put on pants (be they jeans, slacks, or pajamas), he insists on giving them a thorough sniffing-over. The same goes for socks. If I don’t stop and let him sniff things before I put them on, he can make getting dressed difficult! He’s so insistant about sniffing them that he’ll do it as I’m trying to put them on if I don’t let him do his thing first. He used to have the same sentiment about my underwear, which fortunately has mostly gone away – once in a while he’ll still decide he needs to sniff them, but only rarely. He so loves sniffing my pants, however, that if I have a pair of pants in my hands, he starts grinning and wagging his tail. It really is quite comical how excited he is about my pants.

His final obsession seems to be with snow. He MUST sniff it. This one gets difficult and earns him a lot of corrections as he gets very distracted by his desire to sniff the snow. He’s far worse about snow than he is about anything else he might go by. If there’s a snowbank, he wants his snout in it! (Which gets his beard adorably filled with snow – it’s really cute, when I’m not trying to get him to do something!)

He feels like he must shake every time he stands, whether he’s in harness or not. He does this even when he’s clipped short for the summer. MUST SHAKE! says the dog. He doesn’t do it immediately, so sometimes we’ll be in the middle of the street before he decides to shake, and then I have to drag him along instead of letting him stop and shake. It’s rather embarassing in class, when I have to get up during class to go to the bathroom or get more water, because he’s SO noisy when he shakes with his harness on! I feel like the spotlight gets dragged from the professor to me sometimes, and I often end up apologizing after class even though I warned the professor that it would happen at the start of the semester.

So there you are, some of Hudson’s more bizarre quirks. I definitely didn’t expect him to…well, have so much personality, I guess!


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