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Alright folks, I’m hosting the July edition of the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival.

I thought long and hard about a topic.  I think we’ve had some great ones!  So I sat and I thought, what kind of things are at the heart of experiencing the assistance dog world?  I could come up with themes that addressed those of us who are assistance dog partners, but some of them seemed to exclude puppy-raisers (and far be it from me to exclude the people who make some of our partners possible!).  I came up with ones that sounded good for people with program-dogs, but that I wasn’t sure would be as open for people who owner-train.  I thought and I pondered, and then I had an idea.

The Difference.

Difference is a big part of our lives, those of us who are involved in the assistance dog world.  There’s the difference in how assistance dog partners are viewed and treated.  There’s the difference between an assistance dog and a pet.  There’s the difference your assistance dog makes in your life.  There’s the difference between our dogs.  There’s the difference that being a puppy raiser creates in your life.  There’s the difference that raising a puppy to be an assistance dog will make in the world.  There’s the difference between owner-training and program dogs, and the difference in how people react TO that difference.  There’s so darn many differences that I could sit here all night writing about them.

So there you go: the theme for the 4th Assistance Dog Blog Carnival is ‘The Difference’.  Have at!  Submissions are due by July 22nd.


Edited to add: whoops, I forgot submission instructions!  Please reply to this post with a link to your entry, what you want to be called, and what the entry is called.  Thanks!

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